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Ink Oil Soap Experiment

When I saw the photographs of the artist Ruslan Khasanov from his project ‘Pacific Light’ I simply knew: I had to experiment with (…) Read More

Raising unicorns

Some products are just too awesome not to own. Luckily for me my siblings recognized the glister in my eyes when I discovered (…) Read More

Moustache cookies

I have put my new adorable moustache cookie cutters to the test today and I love them! The great thing about them is (…) Read More

Home-made candy house

I built a house with my bare hands over Christmas together with my boyfriend. Not irrelevant detail: it was a candy house made (…) Read More

Magical glow stick jar

Some things are truly fascinating. I mean, many things are, but some to an extreme extent. These pictures are the result of me (…) Read More

Milk experiment

I don’t get bored that easily. In fact, I am almost never bored. I somehow always find some way of entertaining myself. But (…) Read More