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I would love to share my adventurous stories, colourful work, funny experiences and valuable life lessons with you and your audience!

Topics I talk about

♥ How to use your creativity to make the world a better place
Playful living for grown-ups
♥ How to ‘get creative shit done’ in hectic, everyday life
♥ Things I wish somebody had told me about creativity
♥ How to discover and follow your creative dreams
 How to live an adventurous life

Past experience

♥ October 2017: Talk on artists as co-creators at Stichting Cultuur+Ondernemen, Amsterdam.
♥ October 2017: Talk on smilefactor at Rotary Club Eindhoven.
Teaching a week long course on kindness, dreams, play and creativity in Denmark.
♥ Talk on ‘What I learned from folding 1000 origami paper cranes’ at Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven.
♥  Interview by Louise Hall, Psy. D. about playfulness and creativity on The Play Summit.


Mariëlle is AMAZING! She came to my school in Denmark to give a week long workshop with my E-concept students and the results were so wonderful. Mariëlle boosted the creativity of my Bachelors level classes, and introduced them into a wide range of fun and unusual projects. She combined the right amount of lecturing, presentations, real life story’s and super-creative activities.

I can highly recommend Mariëlle to fit into any educational setting where creativity, imagination, design and interaction are important. My students loved working with her. I’m sure yours will too.


Adam Montandon (Associate Professor of Innovation, E.A.L. Denmark)

Mariëlle has really opened my eyes for how easy and rewarding it is to do random acts of kindness!

I learned how I, with very little effort, could improve my life as well as others lives.

I don’t know how you do this, but your level of energy and fun was so high, that it was a pleasure to come to the school and listen to you, even though it was in the mornings. And it’s coming from me, which is a pretty big complement ;)

I learned to be openminded and to follow my dreams and my passion.

All the things Mariëlle talked about were inspiring and I hope made a lot of people think in a little bit different way. I really liked the challenge we got – there should be more tasks like this. This week was exactly what I needed before starting a new education. Positiveness and creativity boost ! Thank you for that !

Testimonies are from E-concept development students of the Lillebælt Academy and taken from an anonymous survey on the course I’ve taught there.

Additional info

I’m happy to speak at conferences, festivals, universities, high schools, workshops and events. I’m open to travelling as long as travel expenses and boarding expenses are compensated. Also, I can brainstorm and cover topics that aren’t listed above and that fit a specific theme if needed. Talks can be both in English and in Dutch.

Want to hire me?

Wondering if I might be a good fit for your event? Just shoot me an email with any question you might have: marielle [at] magicaldaydream [dot] com


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