Hello! I’m Mariëlle and I am so happy to meet you. Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. Let’s make some fun together. You get the garden hose, I will get the glitters.

No. Just kidding.

A little bit.

In this little happy space on the web, I try my very best to help you create the confetti filled life you deserve. Magical Daydream is all about turning ordinary life into a series of extraordinary rainbow-coloured moments, by tiny steps, heart-felt love, courageous moves and loads of creative energy.

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I want to be creative and live a playful life

The grown-up guide to playful living
How to come up with creative ideas
Why you should throw out your TV
What is your play personality?
6 Bullshit excuses that block your creative potential
 6 Concrete ways to start creating today
 These 7 insights in play will bring back the passion & creative energy into your life
 These 4 insights in creativity will help you become the most creative person you know
 The 7-step plan to reach any creative goal

I want to change the world

1000 cranes for 1000 strangers
3 Lessons I learned from folding 1000 paper cranes
50 random acts of kindness ideas
How to find the courage to do RAK and street art
How to come up with magical mission ideas
4 ways to stop gossiping and think kinder thoughts
How to give a compliment that people will remember for years
7 Tips on how to change the world if you’re an introverted unicorn

I could use some cheerfulness

Pep talk
Stop freaking comparing yourself to others
How to deal with rejection
Tackle the number one reason you feel burned out
How to feel beautiful
Celebrate failure
Identify and silence your inner critics
I feel miserable. How do I fix it?

I want to make the most out of every single day

One simple thought that will help you create your dream life
Watch the sunrise on your rooftop
Bucket list
10 inspiring movies that make you want to live life fully
How to make a huge step towards long lost dreams in 2 weeks time

I could use some fun ideas

50 things to do when you’re bored
50 more things to do when you’re bored
50 drawing prompts for if you don’t know what to draw
35 fun date ideas for when the weather sucks
1001 ideas: Instant Inspiration Kit


Although my blog is a pretty hot mess most of the time, there is some structure to be found when you dust off the glitters. Some topics I love so much that I can’t shut up about them. Therefore you can expect the following features to show up regularly (click on any of the titles to browse through the topic).

Regular features

Records my colourful attempts to brighten this world in creative and quirky ways and make people smile.

Shares my knowledge, experience and ideas on how to create a playful, creative and happy life.

Is my quest to adopt creative habits that help me feel inspired.

Shows ways to incorporate playfulness in your everyday routine.

Is where I create and do small things to make every day count and create magical moments in the midst of everyday chaos.

Invites you to do weekly assignments to help you train your creative muscle.

Contains illustrated reviews of interesting books I’ve read and what I’ve learned from them.

Is my way of experiencing childlike wonder and keeping my curiosity alive by attempting small semi-scientific experiments.

Is a guest post feature in which I showcase inspiring people from all over the world about their projects to make the world a better place.

Is a collection of articles, videos and projects around the web, which caught my attention, and I think you might like too.


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