Hello! I’m Mariëlle and I am so happy to meet you. Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. Let’s make some fun together. You get the garden hose, I will get the glitters.

No. Just kidding.

A little bit.

In this little happy space on the web, I try my very best to help you create the confetti filled life you deserve. Magical Daydream is all about turning ordinary life into a series of extraordinary rainbow-coloured moments, by tiny steps, heart-felt love, courageous moves and loads of creative energy.

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Start a creative dream list

List five creative dreams that excite you. Execute dreams. Repeat. [start here]

Set a weekly creative challenge

Do weekly assignments to help you train your creative muscle. [overview list]

Live a creative and playful life

Gain tips, experience and ideas on how to create a playful, creative and happy life.

Change the world

Brighten this world in creative and quirky ways and make people smile. This is my favourite mission.

Invite play & magic to grown-up life

Create magical moments & playfulness in the midst of everyday chaos and routine.

Declutter your space

Create a calming creative environment for yourself.

Create a happy home

Create a playful and joyful home full of colour and creativity.


Imagine. Paint. Create.

Street Art

Find colourful inspiration & low-key ideas to try out!

Pep talk: it’s going to be OK

For when you could use some hope, encouragement & joy if you’re not feeling the rainbow vibes.

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