Start changing the world one colourful piece of confetti at a time:

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1000 Paper Crane Project

I folded 1000 origami paper cranes and gave them away to 1000 random strangers. Read the full story.

Kindness Kit

 photo Magical-Daydream-Kindness_zps8qmseldx.jpg I also sell a Kindness Kit in my Etsy shop. I closed my shop March, 2017.

Get inspired! More kindness projects:

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Uplifting balloons Cookies for flat cranes for 1000 strangers 1000 paper cranes
Anonymous cards Banana mission Lucky Ladybirds Mini envelopes
Lipstick mirror Hopscotch Spreading money Balloon surprise
Messages to strangers Window love message Chalk talk Fortune peanuts
Guerrilla gardening

Spread the love

‘Spread the love’ is a guest post feature about initiatives of people all around the world who make a positive contribution in any way. From street art, to love notes to strangers, baking cookies for homeless people, a story about how you stood up for someone or picking up rubbish from the street. Want to share your random act of kindness? More information here.

SOS Send Love Boring Borup Pass it forward Yarn Bombing
Uncustomary Art Now that’s pretty Street poetry Beach mosaic
Balloon bombing RAK birthday Joy Kit Compliment Cards
Box of dreams Play clean Homeless Kit Happy log-in screens