Your life is your story. Make it a tale worth telling.


Live your life as if you were writing your own story. Living is a form of art. Look back on a life full of adventures & creations.


Do things you love daily. Make time for your dreams. Live up to your creative potential to be a happier version of yourself.


Create a magical, eclectic home that reflects you. Fill your life with unique handmade objects, sparkling ideas & DIY projects.


Be an inspiration to others. Show others it’s possible to make your dreams happen and live a life full of beauty and play.

I have incorporated many new good habits into my daily life so far such as drawing everyday – wow! I never thought I could develop a habit like this ever before. And meditation to start the day. The impact that this has had so far has been deeply beneficial. Making many receptacles or modes or habits through which creativity can flow has already allowed me to feel more productive, creative, and focused.

I can hardly thank you enough for all you’ve done with your work on this course and in sharing it with your community. It’s really helped me around a rough corner and I just can hardly wait for new ideas and inspirations to be sparked and grow through the ideas you’ve presented here.”

– Laine Driscoll

Your creative dreams need a clear action plan

Creative dreams are all the exciting things you would love to do to make your life more fun or meaningful. Every person has creative dreams.

Write a book. Learn photography. Travel the world. Sew your own clothes. Dance the Salsa. Play the guitar. Sleep under the stars. Go on a road trip. Speak French. Go skydiving. Blow glass. Keep a sketchbook.

You can make your dreams happen, not ‘one day’ or ‘next year’ but starting from today, whatever impossible situation you are in.

Make big change with little time

Do you feel like you never have time left to do the things you love?

You’ve come to the right place.

You probably believe:
You need loads of free time to make your dreams reality
You need a huge bank account to create a dream home
You need iron willpower to form habits
You aren’t creatively blocked, you simply need to ‘do it’ (but somehow you never do).

Well… Guess what?

You can make big things happen, with tiny snippets of time, simple methods and a desire to make your life more fun and meaningful. You can create regularly, even when life is messy and hectic and there are a million other things to do.

You don’t have to do it all on your own

Imagine you would have a creative fairy godmother (me!) to help you through the process for 4 weeks. I will take you by the hand. The structure of the course, and the possibility to reach out to me if you get stuck in the process will help you achieve your creative dreams.

You’ll know exactly what step to take next at all times. You get the step-by-step strategies that will turn your creative dreams into creative action. These strategies took me years of stumbling around to discover. And time is exactly what is valuable. Put them into action today and reuse over and over.

You need to know what your creative goals are and reverse engineer the path to getting there. That path is your creativity. The creative process will turn your dreams into reality.

You can also interact with your fellow students in our super secret clubhouse (a.k.a. Facebook Group). It’s a place to ask questions, learn from each other and a happy place for inspiration and encouragement.

*107 Euro is about 114 USD (at least in April 2017). Depending on your location, VAT charges may be added to comply with international tax regulations.

“Mariëlle stimulates and challenges you in a playful way to go on a quest with her using your goals and her theory to get wherever you want. It’s clear she has put a lot of research into it and it is fantastic of her that she shares this information and transformed it into a course.

This course has been a big eye opener for me on WHY I fail at achieving my goals. For me it does not only help me to get more creative in my life but also in general: TO GET THINGS DONE!” 

– Inge Wilbrink

Eliminate creative blocks

There will never be a perfect moment to create. Saying; “Yes, but not now”, is exactly what is holding you back in your creative dreams.

If you are interested in many things and have dozens of unfinished projects lying around the house, record and structure your overload of ideas. Know where to start or what to focus on.

Build your creative confidence so you don’t feel guilty about ‘wasting time’ on creative projects. Your never-ending to-do list can wait. Develop a healthy relationship with your inner critic, and the nagging voice will diminish.

Sometimes, even if you have time, you simply don’t have the peace of mind you need to create. Eliminate distractions from your life, and fill it with inspiration and ideas. Work at your own speed. Make creativity fit into your hectic life.

Over a 4-week creative course, you’ll learn how to:

1. Define and discover your creative goals and dreams
2. Start and finish creative projects
3. Implement fun, creative habits
4. Overcome anything that is blocking you creatively

When you sign up for From Dreamer to Doer you get:

    • 30 Days of guided, step-by-step lessons on how to turn your creative dreams into reality.
    • A printable 33-page workbook, a day-by-day-checklist, and worksheets you can use over and over for any creative habit or project.
    • The exact methods I use to turn my dreams into reality.
    • Solutions to many common creative blocks for when you have no time, confidence, money or energy to create.
    • Simple but powerful strategies that work.
    • Access to a Facebook Group of other creatives, where you can ask questions and share your progress if you like.

“I’m writing just to tell you that you have no idea how grateful I feel to be enrolled at this course! I find it fantastic and every time I read a new lecture, not only I learn a looot from your experience, but I also notice you chose the perfect words and concepts for each situation, in an original and creative way (of course) and that’s awesome.

You are very very talented in doing and teaching, and everyday I’m discovering myself from a different perspective at incorporating these wonderful tiny new habits that helps me to reach my goals, develop new skills, optimize my time and feel a lot better, a lot like me!

So… there’s a lot of work to do, but I wanted you to know that I really appreciate the time you spent developing From dreamer to doer because it is BRILLIANT!”

– Florencia Rizzi

Fill your life with creativity and fun!

Look, there are plenty of things I’m terrible at (eating dinner without getting stains on my clothes, any game that involves bluffing). But one thing I am good at is getting creative shit done. And I know you can be great at it too, because it’s not rocket science. It’s a matter of knowing and applying simple methods.

Below are just a few examples of the many things I’ve done ‘on the side’, all of which I did when still studying fulltime, or working. Your creative dreams might be different, but it shows that it is possible to create regularly, even when you’re busy.

Fold 1000 paper cranes
Read for half an hour every day
Create 10+ canvas paintings
Host silly dinner parties
Start this blog
Start an artist collective
Set weekly creative challenges
Make people smile with RAK
What will you create?

Detailed content overview

Module 1: How to define your creative dreams
1.1 | What are creative dreams and why are they important?
1.2 | 5 Secret tips to create the ultimate bucket list
1.3 | The DIY Dream List: unleash your ideas for a creative home
1.4 | The Play List: use time travel to discover new hobbies and interests
1.5 | How to discover what you are passionate about

Module 2: How to get any creative project done
2.1 | How to turn your creative dreams into creative goals
2.2 | The 7-Step method to achieve any creative goal
2.3 | How to move forward even when you’re busy

Module 3: How to build creative habits
3.1 | Habit formation 101: The basic ingredients for successful habits
3.2 | How to start a new habit without using willpower
3.3 | How to strengthen your creative habits

Module 4: How to overcome creative blocks
4.1 | How to make time for creativity when you don’t have time
4.2 | How to turn negative thoughts into creative confidence
4.3 | How to accomplish dreams on a tight budget
4.4 | How to get into a creative mood when you feel drained

About Mariëlle

Mariëlle Coppes inspires people from all over the world to break the everyday boring routine with fun & uplifting creations on her blog MagicalDaydream.com. Her 1000 paper crane project, balloon tree project and paintings have been featured as a book cover, in the TV show ‘De Slimste Mens’, on Flow Magazine Blog, in the newspaper ‘Eindhovens Dagblad’ and on The Play Summit. Her magic fountain design was exhibited at TEDxBrainport.

Mariëlle has a Master of Science degree and loves to share what she learns from her creative journey. She taught a class of 50 bachelor students in Denmark a course on kindness, dreams, play and creativity.

She enjoys translating complex theory into easily accessible material. Her custom illustrations for international clients explain anything from a model for a Canadian school system to the neurological development of infants.

“Mariëlle is AMAZING! She boosted the creativity of my Bachelors level classes, and introduced them into a wide range of fun and unusual, super-creative projects. I can highly recommend Mariëlle to fit into any setting where creativity, imagination, design and interaction are important. My students loved working with her.”

– Adam Montandon


Why did you create this course?

Most people are creative and have endless lists with things they would love to do ‘one day’. A lack of creativity or ideas is never the real issue. But somehow, most of these wonderful ideas get shoved aside in the hectic mess of everyday life.

‘Just do it’ is an oversimplified solution. You need strategies and methods that you can apply to take action towards your dreams consistently, even – no, especially – when life gets messy. Not motivational quotes but practical advice on how to create even if you experience overwhelm, guilt, a lack of time, energy or money, have too many ideas but never finishing any, no momentum or clear plan to achieve your creative goals.

I am terrible at a lot of things. But one of the skills that I do have is that I make my creative ideas real, whatever the circumstances. Whether it’s a balloon tree, 1000 origami cranes, find a new hobby, travel the world, make countless paintings or build consistent creative habits.

I figured that if I would bundle my experience, insights, strategies and ideas in a course, it would help you achieve your creative dreams as well.

When does the online course start and finish?

You decide when you start and when you finish. You have unlimited online access to this course for as long as you like. You can work at your own pace, so there is no need to be present at specific days or times. It’s text based. The course also gives you access to a secret Facebook Group, in which you will be able to connect with your fellow classmates.

What if I want to work slower or faster than 30 days?

You’ll be able to access the complete course materials all at once. The course structure is set up in small chunks and built around a time frame to give you something to hold onto. However, you can go as fast or slow as you like. So if suddenly your cat is kidnapped, there is always next week. Also, if you have a sudden creative urge and a whole day at your hands, you’ll be able to craft your heart out.

So, say I would create more. Why would I want that, ultimately?

The art or results in itself aren’t that important. What is important, is to invest in your creativity and do things you love. Why? Because:
1. Creativity allows you to dream up anything, and then start taking steps in making your vision real.​
2. Doing things you love on a regular base will help you develop into a happier version of yourself for your and for others.​
3. When you act playfully as an adult, you become an inspirational, living example to others of how to create happiness.

I am not the typical scrapbook-loving-paint-hugging-running-around-with-glue-gun-type-of-creative. Is this for me?

Yes. Crafting isn’t necessarily synonymous with creativity, especially not if you think glitters are the Herpes of craft supplies. The goal of this course isn’t to fill your house with craft projects. It is about empowering you to turn your dream into reality. And it all starts with doing.

Creative dreams are all the exciting things you would love to do to make your life more fun or meaningful. Every person has creative dreams. Perhaps you want to write a book, travel the world, build a canoe, take a pottery class, speak French or go scuba diving. This course if for anyone willing to make their dreams reality, not ‘one day’ or ‘next year’ but starting from today, whatever impossible situation you are in.

Am I too old for this course?

No. If you’re still breathing, you’ll be fine. Seriously though, it doesn’t matter what age you are. It’s never too late to start to do more of the things you love. Wouldn’t it be nice to invest now in yourself, so you can spend the rest of your life being a more happy & fulfilled version of yourself?

What does creativity have to do with habits?

Anything can be turned into a habit. If you turn creating on a regular base into a habit, it becomes automatic behaviour. The good thing about automatic processes is that they are easy to maintain once they’re into place. But making them automatic is the tricky part. In this course you learn how to start new creative habits without using willpower.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

I would never want you to be unhappy! But honestly, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. I am confident about my product and offer full money back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 14 days, show me you did the assignments and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

Hola Marielle, You are amazing!! I enjoy very much every time I read or see what you create. Your soul preserves very well the magic mind of a child, the wonderful sense of discovery, enjoying and creation. Thank you for sharing with the world your beautiful art, your marvelous ideas, your joy and your reflexions. I would definitely say your Super Power is Creativity.

– Mauro


Want to infuse your life with creativity?

Make today the day you start making your dreams happen.

*107 Euro is about 114 USD (at least in April 2017). Depending on your location, VAT charges may be added to comply with international tax regulations.