Start living the creative and playful life you dream of:

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Why not challenge yourself creatively for a week?

Creativity is not something you are born with or not. You can choose to be creative and live creatively. Like most things, creativity is something you can get better at. Exercising makes your muscles grow stronger and learning to play an instrument takes a lot of practice. In the same way setting yourself creative challenges will help you grow creatively. It also helps you to stay open, playful and inspired.

Challenge #1: Keep an illustration journalThe result
Challenge #2: Be an explorerThe result
Challenge #3: Visualize your dreamsThe result
Challenge #4: Write a haiku every dayThe result
Challenge #5: Dress prettyThe result
Challenge #6: PaintThe result
Challenge #7: Art inspired by movie or bookThe result
Challenge #8: Be a spyThe result
Challenge #9: Learn something newThe result
Challenge #10: Make postcardsThe result
Challenge #11: Make stain sketches – The result
Challenge #12: Capture ‘I love you’The result
Challenge #13: Brainstorm kindness ideasThe result
Challenge #14: Illustrate your love historyThe result
Challenge #15: Start a radical self love bibleThe result