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Flamingo Challenge

Flamingo Challenge

What would happen, if you would set a flock of flamingos free in the public space, and challenge people to stand on one (…) Read More

Calvin and Hobbes tribute Happy Phone Booth Feature

Happy Phone Booth

True story: inspired by the movie ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (or short: ‘Amélie’), I once went down the Internet rabbit-hole to find (…) Read More

gum egg street art rain-activated-art minature street art hitchhiker


I made a little friend. We both love travelling, discovering new places, and seeking exciting adventures. He’s never discouraged by the difficulty and (…) Read More

Balloon tree

This might easily be one of my craziest blog-projects so far. With the help of 25 amazing volunteers, an aerial platform and more than (…) Read More