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1000 paper cranes

I folded 1000 origami paper cranes. About a year ago, I decided that a year from then I wanted to have a 1000 (…) Read More

Peanut love

Sometimes the smallest things can make a difference. Sometimes those small things might be peanuts. Literally. Last week I showed how to make (…) Read More

Valentine cards

Somewhere between waking up still foggy minded and going to my university, I decided to quickly wrap up some valentine’s cards from old (…) Read More

Spread money like love

To kids small things can appear quite significant, meaningful and exciting. Perhaps finding a coin does not make your heart beat one bit faster (…) Read More

Paper cranes

I love the idea of the crane project and this movie: Have you ever experienced you wanted to help someone, thank someone, say something, (…) Read More

Birthday balloons

Your birthday is the day to feel special and have people around you who love you and celebrate with you that you are (…) Read More

Cardboard letters

Letters make words. Words can cheer you up and bring you down. Can express, communicate, invite, hurt, teach and touch. I had some (…) Read More


We adults, we just walk. And in the exceptional case that we do use those legs of ours in a different way it (…) Read More

Lipstick Mirror

We all have been there. Those days when you don’t feel like dressing up and that old sweater with warm socks will do, when (…) Read More