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I ate an elephant

We can all get stuck in our daily routine; going to the same places, meeting the same people and cooking the same food. (…) Read More

Soap bubbles

The good thing of studying at the University of Technology is the ability to apply my gained skills and knowledge to useless projects. (…) Read More


My week with Anne is over and therefore another one of my summer list items completed. We had such a great time. Friday (…) Read More

Upside down

Sometimes it can be valuable to see the world in a different way, by changing your perspective, either literally or figurally. It can (…) Read More

Soap Crayons (part 2)

Look at all the love pouring out of my shower. Isn’t it heartwarming? I love my soap crayons :) They’re so fun! (soap (…) Read More

Wake-up list

I am not really a morning person (understatement of the year). I have the hardest time getting out of my bed. And if (…) Read More


Looking through the window gives an impression of what the weather is like outside.. It can be sunny or cloudy, good or bad, (…) Read More

Soap crayons

There is something awefully fantastic about writing on the wall. Even more fun when you can do it over and over without the (…) Read More