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Holi festival

[first picture by Gosia Perz, some pictures by me, some by unknown photographers during the event] Holi is an exuberant Indian festival of (…) Read More

Design vision

For the last few days I have been working quite hard on my final master project proposal, in which I explain the scope (…) Read More

Angel in the snow

I was feeling rather restless tonight. Today I met with my friend Anne for coffee and we blabbered away about everything and nothing, (…) Read More

Tiny hedgehog

I found a seed outside. I’m not sure what tree it is from. Not in Dutch nor in English. (That says more about (…) Read More

When I grow old…

I want my house to be similar to that of my grandparents. Today I visited my grandparents. It was great to see them (…) Read More

Carved Wumpkin

All over the Internet I’m seeing pumpkins. Halloween pumpkins, pumpkin spice chai, crafted pumpkins, pumpkin you name it. That is not a bad (…) Read More