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Past project: Portrait 5

The final portrait in this series of portraits: a drawing of my sister (I couldn’t find the original picture as comparison).


A few weeks ago I was asked to paint t-shirts at an event together with Diede, Luuk and Tom, organized by ‘Kattekwaad’; a (…) Read More

Past project: Portait 3

Here my motives were growing towards more serious goals. I really wish I was more genuinely interested in politics, but the thing is, (…) Read More

Giraffe painting

This weekend I finished another painting I have been working on for a while. As Mr. Giraffe (actually I am not sure if he (…) Read More

Bird Painting

Lately I have been painting more again. I do not always make time for it, but I love to do it. My latest (…) Read More