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Nail art

I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that I was recently exposed to artwork of Dubuffet and Mondriaan, (…) Read More

Heart nails

“I’ve got all my life to live, I’ve got all my love to give”

Polka dot nails

It might not come as a surprise to you that I like polka dots. So applying them on my nails only seems natural: (…) Read More

Summer toes

Summer is here! And my toes are ready to see the sun :)


Ladybugs make me happy, so why not combine ‘paint your love’ with my love for these little creatures? It was time to say goodbye to my (…) Read More

Rainbow nails

I have been wanting to paint my nails in the colors of the rainbow for a while now, but didn’t do it yet (…) Read More