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Window seat

Kitchen make-over

Make-over TV-shows make us believe that transformation happens in an instant. In a week you can have your entire house fixed. In a (…) Read More

geometric dining table legs refurbish Yngve Ebstroom Ruster Lounge Chair faux taxidermy butterflies 3D paper deer head

Make a 3D Paper Deer head

Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest board with enough inspiration to fuel a lifetime of crafting and interior decoration. You probably (…) Read More

Learn to weld

Learn to weld

I learned how to weld. Joran’s brother taught us how. We created new dining table legs as a learning case. Learning to weld (…) Read More

Whimsical Art Gallery Wall Moroccon Toilet How to make a stained glass window

A clutter collage

In the past year, I got rid of quite a lot of stuff (understatement of the year it was probably a third of everything (…) Read More