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Home-made candy house

I built a house with my bare hands over Christmas together with my boyfriend. Not irrelevant detail: it was a candy house made (…) Read More

Beach BBQ

I love the summer. I really really love the summer. I live up to it all winter, enjoy every single moment of warmth (…) Read More

Milk experiment

I don’t get bored that easily. In fact, I am almost never bored. I somehow always find some way of entertaining myself. But (…) Read More

Home made cookies

I baked cookies together with my friend Stephan. They didn’t turn out as the prettiest cookies of my cookie-career, but it was fun (…) Read More

Mini rainbow pancakes

What would be more fun than pancakes? Perhaps cute mini pancakes. We even have a name for them here in the Netherlands. They (…) Read More

Carved Wumpkin

All over the Internet I’m seeing pumpkins. Halloween pumpkins, pumpkin spice chai, crafted pumpkins, pumpkin you name it. That is not a bad (…) Read More

I ate an elephant

We can all get stuck in our daily routine; going to the same places, meeting the same people and cooking the same food. (…) Read More