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Beaded rainbow necklace geometric dining table legs refurbish Yngve Ebstroom Ruster Lounge Chair faux taxidermy butterflies digital detox read rug tom jerry tv 3D paper deer head

Make a 3D Paper Deer head

Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest board with enough inspiration to fuel a lifetime of crafting and interior decoration. You probably (…) Read More

Start a vegetable garden

Start a vegetable garden and plant flowers I got interested in the idea to start a vegetable garden, when I discovered that apparently (…) Read More

Learn to weld

Learn to weld

I learned how to weld. Joran’s brother taught us how. We created new dining table legs as a learning case. Learning to weld (…) Read More

Creative Dream List

The concept: execute 5 creative dreams I am introducing a new feature on my blog: creative dream list. The idea is simple. I (…) Read More