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DIY: Cheer-up gift

Sometimes life can be sucky. It is cold, you love and get rejected, you try and fail and you struggle. Sometimes you go (…) Read More

Hollow light bulb

I like light bulbs. There is something about them; their shape, their fragile and thin glass and especially their high potential for craft (…) Read More

Magical glow stick jar

Some things are truly fascinating. I mean, many things are, but some to an extreme extent. These pictures are the result of me (…) Read More

1000 paper cranes

I folded 1000 origami paper cranes. About a year ago, I decided that a year from then I wanted to have a 1000 (…) Read More

Mosaic workshop

Saturday I did a mosaic workshop together with my dad. It was his idea, and I was happy to join. I kind of (…) Read More