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Travel sketches China

Garden of Forbidden City, Beijing When I am drawing, sometimes people will look over my shoulder to see what I am creating. Usually (…) Read More

Bucket list: Visit China

Forbidden City, Beijing Checking big things off of your bucket list is the best feeling ever. It’s like that satisfaction you get from (…) Read More

Travel sketches Laos

Banana shake at Tad Fan (waterfall near Pakse). Inspiration can be everywhere. You need to actively keep your eyes open for it though. (…) Read More

Travel sketches Cambodia

I’m a highly practical packer and everything and anything got tossed out from my original packing list if it didn’t meet my high (…) Read More

How to feel beautiful

I’ve been thinking lot about beauty. It started from a negative place. I compared by pale skin to the beautifully tanned skin of (…) Read More