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I am enjoying this week with my friend Anne. We have done tons of fun stuff so far and have some pretty cool (…) Read More

Upside down

Sometimes it can be valuable to see the world in a different way, by changing your perspective, either literally or figurally. It can (…) Read More

Bike makeover

I am so happy with the new look of my bike! Every time I take a ride it makes me smile. And it (…) Read More


Yesterday I ran half a marathon (as mentioned in my summer list). I didn’t drop dead and actually finished. Besides the soar muscles (…) Read More

Soap Crayons (part 2)

Look at all the love pouring out of my shower. Isn’t it heartwarming? I love my soap crayons :) They’re so fun! (soap (…) Read More

Summer toes

Summer is here! And my toes are ready to see the sun :)