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A few weeks ago I was asked to paint t-shirts at an event together with Diede, Luuk and Tom, organized by ‘Kattekwaad’; a (…) Read More

Past project: Portait 3

Here my motives were growing towards more serious goals. I really wish I was more genuinely interested in politics, but the thing is, (…) Read More

Polka dot nails

It might not come as a surprise to you that I like polka dots. So applying them on my nails only seems natural: (…) Read More


Monday Anne and I hopped over to our neighboring country Belgium and visited Antwerp. We ate Belgian waffles, nearly were stuck in Antwerp (…) Read More

Train travel

Last week we spent quite some time traveling by train, going all across the country. That might seem like a lot for Dutch (…) Read More

Graffiti festival

Past Sunday was a laid back day, in which Anne and I strolled around a flea market and visited a local graffiti festival (…) Read More


My week with Anne is over and therefore another one of my summer list items completed. We had such a great time. Friday (…) Read More


I am enjoying this week with my friend Anne. We have done tons of fun stuff so far and have some pretty cool (…) Read More

Upside down

Sometimes it can be valuable to see the world in a different way, by changing your perspective, either literally or figurally. It can (…) Read More

Bike makeover

I am so happy with the new look of my bike! Every time I take a ride it makes me smile. And it (…) Read More