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Past project: Ipod sleeve

I am introducing a new feature called ‘past project’. I started blogging only recently, but would like to share some little projects from (…) Read More

Pancake fun

Playing with food is fun. Especially if it is with tasty food like pancakes and it has a weird color. I have been wanting (…) Read More

Phone makeover

Lately my phone has been feeling a bit sad. All the hip phones around the block have new features and apps. My phone doesn’t even have (…) Read More

Giraffe painting

This weekend I finished another painting I have been working on for a while. As Mr. Giraffe (actually I am not sure if he (…) Read More


Ladybugs make me happy, so why not combine ‘paint your love’ with my love for these little creatures? It was time to say goodbye to my (…) Read More

Wake-up list

I am not really a morning person (understatement of the year). I have the hardest time getting out of my bed. And if (…) Read More

Spread money like love

To kids small things can appear quite significant, meaningful and exciting. Perhaps finding a coin does not make your heart beat one bit faster (…) Read More