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Say hello Madrid

I’m off to Spain! I’m excited to be able to be part of the World Youth Days in Madrid, which are held every (…) Read More

Sunshine award

I received a sunshine award by Style Dilettante. Thank you so much! Her blog shows us ‘the real LA’ and shares with us (…) Read More

Soap bubbles

The good thing of studying at the University of Technology is the ability to apply my gained skills and knowledge to useless projects. (…) Read More

Past project: Portrait 5

The final portrait in this series of portraits: a drawing of my sister (I couldn’t find the original picture as comparison).


Just before leaving to Thailand, we celebrated my mother’s birthday. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to use the fondant I bought in (…) Read More


A few weeks ago I was asked to paint t-shirts at an event together with Diede, Luuk and Tom, organized by ‘Kattekwaad’; a (…) Read More

Past project: Portait 3

Here my motives were growing towards more serious goals. I really wish I was more genuinely interested in politics, but the thing is, (…) Read More

Polka dot nails

It might not come as a surprise to you that I like polka dots. So applying them on my nails only seems natural: (…) Read More