Magical Daydream helps you transform boring everyday moments into creative and fun ones.

It’s a happy place for creative souls with zero time, small business-owners with big dreams, street-artists and superheroes, grown-ups who love to play hopscotch, funky goofballs and vivid daydreamers.

If you also believe that you can never have enough rainbows, glitters or polka dots, you’ll feel right at home here. Other things I believe in?

Magical Daydream Manifesto
I believe…
You are never too old to play.
Happiness can be found in the small things.
In pursuing silly ideas to bring a spark to this world.
Life is as beautiful as you make it.
Anyone can be creative.
In courageous people who act on their dreams.
In learning new things daily.
In living a passionate life by doing what you love and creating your own magic.

You have the power to turn ordinary life into a series of extraordinary rainbow coloured moments. I’m here to help you create the confetti filled life you deserve.

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About me

Hi! I’m Mariëlle. Magical Daydream was born in 2010 from a desire to add meaning, joy and creativity to my everyday life. I started exploring ways to break the mundane everyday routine in playful ways and use my creativity to make other people smile. I have discovered that life can be beautiful, fun and extraordinary when you decide to live it in such a way.

I am a maker. Creating new ideas, products, and behaviours is my special superpower. I’m happiest when my creations spark hope, joy and inspiration.

That’s why I created an ‘Instant Inspiration Kit’: to give you an infinite amount of ideas to create a sparkling, fun and adventurous life. Because I believe that you need to create your own adventures: build blanket forts in your living room, host a Blacklight Science Fair dinner party for your friends or watch the sunrise on your rooftop.

My online course From Dreamer to Doer in 30 Days teaches you how to get creative shit done in hectic, everyday life. We all have creative dreams. Write a book. Learn photography. Travel the world. Make art. Sew your own clothes. Fly a hot air balloon. Play the guitar. Sleep under the stars. Learn to surf. Bake a mini rainbow cake. Speak French. Go skydiving. Blow glass. Keep a sketchbook. I believe that your creative dreams are extremely important.

I inspire the world around me with acts of kindness and street art projects. Initially, I started out in small ways, like spontaneously baking cookies for my neighbours, planting flowers in my neighbourhood by guerrilla gardening, doodling on bananas only to sneak them back into the supermarket or turn ugly street stains into art. I once folded 1000 origami paper cranes and handed them out to 1000 random strangers.

Slowly my happy projects grew into bigger street art installations, collaborations with other creatives, and assignments to brighten the public space with fun and uplifting creations. I had the pleasure to apply happy messages that only appear when it rains, transform bare trees into whimsical balloon trees, create a massive yarn bomb project with the help of an army of elderly people, make shopping passer-by play the floor is lava, and place a phone booth on a square, ring it, and surprise strangers who picked up the phone.

I am Dutch and live in The Netherlands, but an adventurer and explorer at heart. I lived all over the world and travelled to many places.

Official Bio

Mariëlle van Aart-Coppes inspires grown-ups from all over the world to make their creative dreams happen, on her blog She creates playful things that spark hope and connection. She is a designer, happiness maker and teacher.

As a designer and Master of Science, Mariëlle is fascinated by how to effectively create products that elicit play, break the everyday routine and inspire people to live a happier life. She designed, programmed and built a magic fountain that invites playful behaviour, which was exhibited at TEDxBrainport.

Mariëlle teaches the course ‘From Dreamer to Doer‘, in which you learn how to get creative shit done in hectic, everyday life. She also taught a class of 50 bachelor students in Denmark a course on kindness, dreams, play and creativity.

In 2017 Mariëlle was appointed by her municipality to be the first ‘curator smilefactor’ of Eindhoven. Her mission: make inhabitants smile by creative use of the public space.

Some of her magical missions include: apply happy messages that only appear when it rains, fold 1000 origami cranes and give them to 1000 random strangers, transform bare trees into balloon trees, and place a phone booth on a square, ring it, and surprise strangers who pick up the phone.

Her colourful and fairy-tale-like paintings were exhibited at ‘Kunst aan de Vaart’, featured in the TV show ‘De Slimste Mens’ and used as book cover.

Mariëlle was born in the Netherlands but has lived all over the world. She is obsessed with polka dots and rainbows and loves coffee.

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e-mail: marielle [at] magicaldaydream [dot] com