It’s no secret that I’m an admirer of rainbows. And I understand that one of the reasons rainbows are special is that we don’t get to witness them every single day.

But some days, you’re in need of a bit of rainbow. We all have days that can use a bit of colour, happiness, and magic. And sometimes, you simply can’t wait for a rainbow to appear in the sky. If so, you might need to create your own magic.

To do so: carefully select and collect beads in all the colours of the rainbow. Add a pot of gold in the form of different necklace-related supplies. Perhaps add some stars from a far-away galaxy.

Then, start creating colourful orchestrated strings. I’ve always loved the colourfulness and intricate textures of African beaded jewellery. They inspired the look & feel of this necklace.

Go on, until you have a beautiful, colourful, happy rainbow!

The awesome thing about this rainbow, is that it will follow me wherever I go.

And whenever I feel I could use a little colour, I can simply open my closet to get it out.

Who else could use a little rainbow disco in their life?

(This was #13 on my creative dream list. Start your own creative dream list if you like!)


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