“Why don’t you just buy something in a store like a normal person?”, my sister will ask me when I, yet again, spend hours making something (a handmade gift, geometric dining table legs or a throw pillow).

The thing is, I’m very particular with what I like. And I often have a clear vision in my mind of what that looks like. This is one of the reasons why I end up making a lot of things around my house.

Not only would I like a mid-century lounge chair, I also want it to be in a quality fabric that I absolutely adore, I want it to be somewhat quirky (hence: yellow buttons and a polka-dotted bottom), it should be comfy, oh, and still affordable. Especially that last one is a reoccurring issue. 

DIY then often becomes the bridge between desired features and cost.

geometric dining table legs

When searching for the perfect round dining table, I came across some beautiful designs. One of my favourites: this butterfly table by Studio Henk (below). The thing is, spending €1.860,00 on a table wasn’t in the budget, however pretty it is. So when Joran and I got a crash-course in welding, I used this design as inspiration for our geometric dining table legs.

geometric dining table legs DIY
left: design table by Studio Henk, right: our DIY table

After buying a round secondhand table (€40,-), steel (€72.70), a primer and anthracite coloured coating to paint it (€51.55), the total table cost came to a relatively modest €164,25.

Now, I do realize that learning to weld and doing everything yourself isn’t for everybody. So please, if you like the table design and are able to spend money on quality items, go buy it. I think it’s a beautiful table.

left: second hand table “before”, right: second hand table top with our welded frame.

Personally however, I really love making things with my hands. I enjoy the personal quality of handmade items and making the best of what I already have. I enjoy the process of taking second-hand objects and transforming them into beloved items. And I like to learn some new skills along the way. 

I’m still a bit on the fence about the combination of the table design combined with the chair design, but overall I’m a happy camper. Progress is good.

Speaking of progress, #11 on my Creative Dream List was to finish these geometric dining table legs. Check out the other creative projects I’ve accomplished as part of this list here.

Have you up-cycled any item into an item that you truly love? If so, what is it?


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