COVID-19 has cultivated an unhealthy obsession over my interior. I mean, it’s all I’ve been surrounded by pretty much 24/7. And I have had plenty of time on my hands to make ideas happen. So on the bright side of the whole world breaking down; the pandemic is doing wonders for our living room. 

I have been slightly obsessed with yellow. It started harmless enough. Think flowerpots and a throw blanket. Then shoes. But now, it’s like a little voice has taken over my mind, saying:


Let’s just say that maybe I am the happy owner of a yellow couch now.

Naturally, it was just a matter of time before I started painting other furniture yellow. 

In my defense, this isn’t just something I’m doing on a whim. For ages, I’ve had this interior colour scheme in my mind of mainly yellow, accents of petrol and pops of colour. It’s just that now it’s finally slowly coming to fruition.

Anyway, we have this baby blue dresser that lives under our art gallery wall. I don’t hate the colour. It’s nice. However, I think it doesn’t really match the artwork above it. And since I like things being one big happy family, I decided that the blue must go.

Dresser makeover time!

Guess what colour I picked? ;)

Oh and I set myself a fun little challenge: I could only use materials I already had. No new purchases. 

Luckily for me, I still had some left-over yellow paint, a can of primer, different coloured spray cans and teak-oil and used all of these to the best of my ability.

I sanded the drawers down to the wood, because I liked the idea of showing pops of the natural material.

By the way, you can check out the inspiration Pinterest board I created for this project if you’re curious.

dresser makeover before after

I like how all the colours of the dresser communicate with the colours above it now.

dresser makeover art gallery wall

The yellow with the ukulele painting. The green with the plant and flamingo backdrop. The salmon with the skintone and flamingo.

It feels more like a union now. 

dresser makeover final result

This also means I finished the first 10 of my creative dream list projects. This dresser makeover was #10. Curious to see what other projects I did and what is yet to come?

Check out creative dream list.

Have you felt the urge to spice up your interior lately? Any chance you have some materials lying in the back of a closet that you can use to make your vision come to life?


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