August 2, 2019

What would happen, if you would set a flock of flamingos free in the public space,

 photo Flamingo_2LQ.jpg

and challenge people to stand on one leg for as long as they can?

 photo Flamingo_1LQ.jpg

Add a tiny lake, and a flower or three. Because even flamingoes deserve a beautiful and joyful place to call their home.

 photo Flamingo_6LQ.jpg

Perhaps some people would be too busy with other things to notice the flamingo’s at all.

 photo Flamingo_17LQ.jpg

Others might be mostly intrigued by what those big water lilies were doing on the pavement.

 photo Flamingo_10LQ.jpg

While reminding us of those days when standing in the middle of a big (imaginary) puddle was reason enough to be excited.

 photo Flamingo_12LQ.jpg

The strange sight asked for a closer inspection. What were these exotic creatures doing in the middle of the concrete jungle?

 photo Flamingo_9LQ.jpg

“Well hello Mr. flamingo, so nice to meet you.”

 photo Flamingo_8LQ.jpg

Others happily gave the challenge a go.

 photo Flamingo_19LQ.jpg


 photo Flamingo_21LQ.jpg

or together… Although it can be challenging indeed if your playmate has a flamingo super talent and reaches 4 minutes 40 easy peasy.

 photo Flamingo_24LQ.jpg

Then again, winning the challenge from your friends might bring some overall laughter. Although they may question the nature of your fair play.

 photo Flamingo_16LQ.jpg

Some were inspired to start a flock of their own. Because we all know that birds of a feather, flock together.

 photo Flamingo_13LQ.jpg

But even if you would look sceptical at first, you may discover an inner flamingo talen you never knew you had.

 photo Flamingo_14LQ.jpg

Happy urban jungle flamingo spotting!

 photo Flamingo_Spotting_urban_jungle.gif

This street art project was an assignment for Gemeente Eindhoven, to experiment with ways to make people play in the public space. The floor is lava, which I applied a few months back, was also part of that experiment. :)


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