Joran and I hosted a Time Travel themed dinner party the other night. The concept is simple: everyone dresses up in theme and brings a dish in theme. By now, we have built an eclectic collection of previous dinner parties: Circus of Illusions, Milkyway Takeaway, Magically Coloured Childhood Memories, Blacklight Science Fair and Robot Safari.

It always amazes me how much you can create with simple means and imagination. I bought an old Atlas in a second hand shop, and glued a paper table cloth together from the pages, making a fun map (that on first glance seemed about right, but didn’t make any sense if you looked long enough.)

For the occasion I built my very own one-second-time-machine from some old scrap and bits and pieces. I even added a buzzer and a LED. This ideas was stolen from inspired by this fragment from the movie “The Science Of Sleep”. Which I just realise would be another awesome theme for a dinner party. Who knows, maybe next time.

And the best thing: our time machine really worked! We tested it beforehand. I used it to make Joran repeat “I love you” about five times. It worked on our guests as well: they would fly back in time one second, repeating what just had happened or been said.

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_Time_Machine.gif

Joran and I dressed up as Phileas Fogg and Passepartout from ‘Around the world in eighty days’, the adventure novel by Jules Verne.

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_80_Days_Around_World.jpg

Therefore obviously we needed to serve our dish in hot air balloons.

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_Air_Balloon.jpg
 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_Air_Balloons.jpg

We passed through time and age. We entered the Middle Ages, and met knights and bloody slain dragons.

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_Middle_Ages.jpg

Curry Cobain made an appearance.

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_curry_Cobain.jpg

And our guests brought us back to the Flower Power seventies with fresh flowers, retro vases and stylish sunglasses,

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_Flowers.jpg
 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_Flower_power.jpg

And yes, even a disco ball.

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_disco_ball.jpg
 photo Time_Travel_Eighties_Legging.jpg

We dipped into the best type of time travel vortex (with edible glitters and chocolate flavour).

 photo Time_Travel_Dinner_Party_Vortex_Edible_Glitter2.jpg

It was a great night with friends, family and fun.

A night to remember.


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    June 3, 2019 at 22:40

    Sounds such fun!! I love your party ideas!

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      June 4, 2019 at 09:03

      Thanks! It was a while since our last dinner party, so it felt really good to finally make some time for it again :)


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