You probably played ‘the floor is lava’ growing up. Perhaps even recently, since the game made a small comeback as a meme. Personally, I think the floor is lava is an awesome game. So awesome in fact, that I brought it to Eindhoven streets as a street art project (specifically at the Demer, the biggest shopping street in Eindhoven Center, in case you’re a local).

 photo Floor_is_lava_1.jpg
“De vloer is Lava! Wie op rood komt is af” (translation: The Floor is Lava! Whoever touches red is out)

The game is simple. The floor is lava. And obviously you can’t step on lava, because lava burns your feet. So instead, you need to find safe spots (a couch, chairs, whatever) to stand on and move over; in this case white spots painted on the pavement. The location is the perfect setting for the floor is lava: there are loads of potential players, and the street tiles are already red.

 photo Vloer_is_lava_3.jpg

I came up with a few different concepts for playful street art interventions as an assignment for the municipality of Eindhoven. They are experimenting with ways to bring more play and movement to the streets in a fun way. They plan to renew the pavement in the city center, so now is the perfect time to try out different concepts and see what we can learn from those.

 photo Vloer_is_lava_6.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_8.jpg

This concept in particular is great because of different reasons. First of all, you can easily play while you are on the move, making it more accessible to play than a game that requires you to stop what you were doing. It is easy to understand, and requires almost no skills. Also, for most people it’s something they connect with positive childhood memories. The street art intervention is so inviting that not only children play it, but also adults.

 photo Vloer_is_lava_9.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_10.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_12.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_13.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_14.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_18.jpg

The floor is lava is live now since a few days, and the amount of people playing is beyond my expectations! It’s such an amazing feeling to see something that you created being used in the way you intended it. The joy, spontaneous playfulness (and sometimes awkwardness) is fun to witness.

 photo Vloer_is_lava_20.jpg

Every now and then you even see an elderly person give it ago, and it makes my heart jump with joy. After all, one of my favourite quotes, is:

You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.

 photo Vloer_is_lava_21.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_23.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_24.jpg

 photo Vloer_is_lava_25.jpg

The Floor is Lava already attracted quite some attention: Studio040, EDEindhoven News & Editie NL.

If you’re in/from Eindhoven: did you see and play the floor is lava already?
If you’re not a local: would you play the floor is lava if you’d stumble across it on the street?


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    Peter Bouman

    November 9, 2018 at 15:03

    Miss santa run with high heals GLOW in the dark would give me a smile :-))

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    November 9, 2018 at 18:29

    Love this! You inspire me loads and have started small projects called kindness takeaway to help teach kindness for my children to understand, also to spread the kindness vibe.

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      November 12, 2018 at 13:56

      That’s amazing! We can never have enough kindness, yours shines brightly and the world is better of because of it :)


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