If you’ve ever moved before – and with moved I mean first you lived in one house and then in another, not dancing to 80’s tunes – you know it can be a hassle.

Add to that: a whole lot of nights tearing off wallpaper, eating by romantic work lights at an improvised table that perhaps one day will once again be a door in your house, and never being without paint under your finger nails or finding back dust in your nose.

Even though we’ve managed to drink from real glassware fetched by a working tap again for a while now (you do get grateful for the simple stuff), I feel like I’m still living in a giant to do project. Objects, scattered around my home, stare me in the eye every single day asking me silently when I’ll finish them.

And I don’t like it when someone stares at me. Or something, for that matter. So I’m ready to get it over with. For a month, Joran and I will invest our weekends and evenings to finish as much as we possibly can. Give it one last sprint.

And I’ll blog about the process.

So, in the process of editing my massive bulk of video footage, shots of me blabbering about my home and months-old phone pictures, I suddenly started to doubt if it wasn’t too much fluff. Fluff is nice; when you have time, are curious and want to get to know someone, but not if you’re in a hurry and just want to hear the headlines.

So that’s when I decided to create 2 versions of this video.

Because let’s face it, I hate making decisions. So not making a decision about which one would be better and instead spending hours extra to make both seemed like the best idea, at the time.

Version 1 (21 minutes)

The very long home tour with lots of context, backstory, me thinking out loud, flashback footage of what the house looked like when we bought it and during the renovation process. Bonus: I show you liquor, a fly, plants (both dead and alive) and my still somewhat messy house.

Version 2 (4 minutes)

The first half is me struggling to cut to the chase and say everything I want to say in as little words as possible, and the last half is a list of chores that we want to get done in the next month.

For future reference, please help me to be more decisive and use my time efficiently. Tell me if you prefer watching the long or the short video version, so I don’t change plans halfway through and do both again.


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