Glitters make me smile. So do rainbows. Some may say that glitters are the herpes of the craft world, but not me. I made a golden glitter door with a stained glass rainbow window and it is the best thing ever. By ‘I made’ I actually mean: I made a glitter door, and my dad and cousin David made me a stained glass rainbow window (thank you very mucho!).

The video shows my process of creating the golden glitter door.

 photo stained_glass_rainbow_window2.jpg

 photo stained_glass_rainbow_window-3.jpg

 photo stained_glass_rainbow_window-reflection.jpg

I believe that your surroundings affect how you feel, that how you feel affects your surroundings, and that by changing your surroundings you can influence how you feel. Since my definition of magic translates into rainbows and glitters, I thought it made sense to surround myself with them.

 photo stained_glass_rainbow_window-4-hall2.jpg

The rest of our hallway is rather simple and clean. White walls. White door posts. No ornaments. Natural looking floor. As a result, the rainbow window looks like an artwork showcased in our personal home gallery.

 photo stained_glass_rainbow_window-5-close-up.jpg

The first night the rainbow window was installed into the golden glitter door, I dragged Joran out of bed to show him the (freshly discovered) rainbow reflections on our white walls. I think we truly added a little magic to our home.

 photo stained_glass_rainbow_window-glitter-door.jpg

Joran and I are still in the process of transforming our new house into a home. By now most of the big renovations are done (we have a new kitchen, working electricity, plastered walls, painted walls, floors, and at least 1 functioning toilet). We moved. And now we’re slowly making it better step-by-step, while still living in a bit of chaos. My rainbow-glitter-door-work-room-wall is the one tiny part of the house that feels done.

 photo Glitter-door-close-up.jpg

 photo Glitter-door-work-room.jpg

Golden Glitter Door Work Room Turquoise

Golden Glitter Door Work Room

 photo Work-room-glitter-door-2-detail.jpg

What never ceases to brighten your mood? What makes you feel like a kid again? What makes you feel playful, giddy and full of wonder? Have you incorporated them into your home yet?



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    April 26, 2018 at 16:53

    Dear Mariëlle, sparkly beloved daughter. You’re paintings, video’s full of inspiring creative ideas works like magic and always brings a big smile on my face while watching them. They make me very happy. Keep on following your dream and inspiring us. Lots of love and huge dinosaur hug, mom

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    April 27, 2018 at 20:32

    Best door i’ve ever seen!!

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    May 2, 2021 at 22:32

    Ah, this is utterly beautiful!


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