Joran and I got married in September. I doubted for a while whether or not I should share our wedding pictures here (that’s why you’re seeing them with a 3-month delay). My blog centers around happy moments though, so I guess it would be only fitting to share a snippet of something that’s so dear and happy to me.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe the moment in your life where you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with that one special person. So I won’t get too mushy and I won’t make it long. Just this. Joran makes me incredibly happy. And I am grateful every day that he walked into my life.

(In case you missed it: our proposal story).

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-1.jpg
Walking down the aisle with my dad to join Joran at the altar.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-2-vows.jpg
Our vows apparently made a lot of people cry ;)

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-3.jpg
Our priest looking more like a wizard makes me giggle.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-4-tandem-bike.jpg
We didn’t get into a fancy car. Instead, we brought our tandem bike (I think we should get Dutch points for that; and extra points for my dress not getting stuck). It was my first birthday present to Joran.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-5-tandem-bike.jpg
Joran and I love to go on little local tandem bike adventures together. Our unwritten rule: whoever sits in the back gets to massage who sits in front.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-6-dance.jpgIn the past we’ve taken some dance classes together (ballroom, lindy hop). Dancing the jive is probably my favourite thing to do when we attend a party together. Apart from the food that is.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-7.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-8.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-9.jpgWe knew right from the start that we would love to share our special moment with our loved ones for a whole weekend, with ideally enough time to talk to people for more than just a minute. We ended up finding the perfect hide-out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by green farmland and water, lots of space to play, enough sleeping accommodation close-by for who wanted and charming boats everyone could use over the weekend.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-11.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-12.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-13.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-10.jpgThat moment where your mom loses her glasses and a friendly guest dives in like a true superhero to find it.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-14.jpg
And what would Friesland (province) be without ‘fierljeppen’?

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-15.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-16-swing.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-17.jpgThis picture of us (in articular: Joran’s monkey expression) makes me laugh every time.

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-18-mojitos.jpgAnd what would a good party be without friends and mojitos…?

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-19.jpgAnd many big helpers…?

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-20-toast-lights.jpg

 photo Wedding-Sjuul-Fotografie-21-first-dance.jpg

Pictures by the very talented Sjuul Fotografie.

We went on our honeymoon to the Algarve, Portugal and it was absolutely amazing.

Anything you want to know? Ask me in the comments!



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    December 22, 2017 at 19:36

    Mariëlle, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding photos. I thought it was all absolutely perfect and you both looked wonderful and so happy! Be sure and keep it that way!

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    January 13, 2018 at 21:06

    So nice photos! Your posts always make me feel nice, but this one is so much more special! Thanks for sharing! I wish you always to be so happy!


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