1. John Cleese inviting you to do a silly walk
 photo john-cleese-tunnel-eindhoven-face-graffiti.jpg

The tunnel of silly walks, inspired by the infamous Monty Python sketch was officially opened by Mr. Cleese himself.

 photo john-cleese-tunnel-silly-walks.jpg

Arjan uit het Broek from Gemeente Eindhoven played a big role behind the scenes to make this street art project happen. Studio Giftig created the mural artwork.  photo silly-walks-cleese-eindhoven-tunnel.gif

The stencil art Cleese figures invite anyone who passes the tunnel to do a silly walk.

 photo silly-walks-collage-cleese-tunnel-eindhoven.jpg

 photo cleese-silly-walk.gif

2. Encouragement to follow your heart
 photo follow-your-heart-street-art.jpg

Because you can never have enough of those…

3. Funny reminders to watch out
 photo let-op-uitrit-bord-strijp-s-eindhoven.jpg

(Loose translation: Attention! Exit construction traffic. So you better watch out…)

4. Blooming street lights
 photo street-lights-hastelweg-eindhoven-leaves.jpg

Take a busy street with a lot of traffic, not so much space, and a desire to make the street into a friendlier space.

 photo lantaarnpaal-hastelweg-eindhoven.jpg

There might have been a lack of space for real trees, but there was no lack of creativity. A couple of people who live in the street initiated this amazing project.

5. Poetry in unexpected places
 photo Merel-Morre-kleine-berg-gedicht.jpg

Eindhoven has a ‘stadsdichter’: a city poet, someone who is appointed by the city council to write poems for a period of time, about the city and current events.

 photo merel-morre-dommeltunnel.jpg

Merel Morre fulfilled this function for a while and wrote some beautiful poetry. What’s even better: some of her poems can be found on different walls around the city.

6. Street lights in love
 photo street-art-lantern-hearts.jpg

7. A community bucket list
 photo before-i-die-eindhoven-chalk-wall.jpg

The infamous street art project ‘Before I die‘ invites people to write down something they want to do before they die. The chalkboard wall was originally created by Candy Chang on an abandoned house in New Orleans after she lost someone she loved. It grew into a global art project with over 2000 walls around the world. As part of the happiness route (de Geluksroute) of 2016, a ‘Before I die’-wall was created as a community project in Eindhoven. Later it was moved to a tunnel.

8. A growing collection of little free libraries

Through Little Free Library (or Mini Bieb for The Netherlands), you can find mini libraries in your neighbourhood, or start your own and add it to the map. Basically it’s a community of people who build and place weatherproof boxes for the free exchange of books.

 photo mini-bieb.jpg

What’s even better, to honour the 100-year anniversary of the Eindhoven library, there is a current initiative to grow the number to 100 mini free libraries in Eindhoven.


These are a couple of my favourite street art project in Eindhoven. What other street art ideas would you like to see, which would make people smile?

PS. If you snap a picture with a street art project in Eindhoven that makes you smile, use #040smile.



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