February 10, 2017

Things I don’t like: cold weather. Rain. Grey days.

 photo raindrop-magnet-date-ideas-weather-sucks.jpg

Things I do like: dates with Joran.

 photo raindrop-magnet-date-ideas-weather-sucks-animation.gif

But what to do for fun on those days you’d rather crawl up in a ball under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, than channel your inner Elsa?

 photo raindrop-magnet-date-ideas-weather-sucks-fridge.jpg

Well, I went through my drawers and got out a poster from my Instant Inspiration Kit. I cut out the 30 blue raindrops and turned them into cute little fridge magnets, each one showing a fun date idea for when the weather sucks.

So next time when we can’t decide what to do because everything feels mèhh, I can simply close my eyes and let my hands pick one idea. Or I can sort them based on which one I have done, or want to do. Or we can take turns picking favourites.

 photo raindrop-magnet-date-ideas-weather-sucks-build-fort.jpg

And maybe, just maybe, those cold, rainy days won’t suck as much.

 photo raindrop-magnet-date-ideas-weather-sucks-love.jpg

You can cut out the raindrops from the poster ’30 Date ideas for when the weather sucks’ to make your own fridge magnets. Simply glue them on a magnetic sheet and cut them out. Or just frame the poster with date ideas and give it to your Valentine. You can download the poster (and 27 others) here.

About that. My poster collection with 1001 ideas also includes:
– 30 Summer date ideas
– 40 Romantic, happy and creative ways to surprise your partner’ and
– 30 Last-minute gift ideas

in case you are still looking for the perfect Valentine gift. ;)


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    February 11, 2017 at 00:18

    What a sweet idea!!!


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