From Dreamer to Doer in 30 Days is my brand new online course on how to get creative shit done in hectic, everyday life.

And it’s open for registration now!

I am super exited that I can finally share this project with you!

So why did I create From Dreamer to Doer in 30 Days?

Most people are creative. Most people have endless lists with things they would love to do one day. The problem is never a lack of creativity or ideas.

The real challenge is: how do you find the time for all those wonderful dreams you have? Where do you start? How do you get creative projects done when you also have a list of chores the length of a moderate novel?

I am terrible at a lot of things. But I think one of the skills that I do have is to make my creative ideas real, whether it’s a balloon tree, 1000 origami cranes, find a new hobby, travel the world, make countless paintings or build consistent creative habits.

I figured that perhaps if I would bundle my experience, insights, strategies and ideas in a course, it would help you to achieve your creative dreams as well.

So here we are.

This project has been the main reason for why it has been so quiet on my blog lately. I poured everything I have into this project for the last couple of months. I tend to vanish off the earth when I am working on something big. But I hope you will forgive me now that you know that I haven’t been napping but actually made something beautiful.

To celebrate the launch, I offer a free 30-minute personal consult with me AND a €10,- discount when you sign up before December 20. 

Hop on over to learn more about the course here. 




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