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Since relaunching the Instant Inspiration Kit, I’ve received some good questions, so I’ve compiled the most common ones together to answer for you.

1. I already have a gazillion ideas. How will this help me?

Creativity sparks creativity. The ideas you have are often a melting pot of all the experiences you had and the things you have been exposed to. I believe that especially when you’re a creative person, you need to actively expose yourself to inspiring art, ideas and people. Even if you are able to come up with hundreds of ideas of your own, this collection will surely bring you ideas that you never thought about before. It’s a way to feed your playfulness and invest in your creative growth.

2. I’m an epic procrastinator. How do I make time for 1001 ideas?

Don’t see this as a monstrous to-do list. Instead, see it as a tool to get you into a creative mood. It can be hard to feel creative when everyday life is hectic. Just looking through the ideas will give you plenty of options, as well as remind you of all the creative things you still want to do. Actions often start with intrinsic motivation. 1001 Ideas is a way to reconnect with your motivation to do fun things and live a creative life.

3. 56 Euro is more than I have stuffed in my piggy bank. Are the posters printed on gold?

I wish. I need to pay a lot of working elves to get these posters printed in the magical Netherlands. A rough estimation: 20 Euro: Print 28 posters on high quality paper at local shop. 10 Euro: International shipping costs + packaging. 10 Euro: Pay the elves for their time to do the packaging, shipping & send posters to the right people. 26 Euro: The symbolic amount I ask for the time it took me to create the 1001 idea collection. That adds up to 66 euro. Then I reduce the amount because I am better at being nice than at being a business boss. So in fact by shipping these babies I make less money than by simply letting you download the ideas. However, I also wanted to offer this option because I know some of you would love to pay a bit more to get the whole hassle of getting the posters printed for you over with. If you’re a broke struggling artist, there is also the digital download option so you can do the printing yourself.

4. I don’t have a printer at home/cartridges are expensive! What do I do?

I would recommend getting the posters printed at a local print shop on high quality A4-paper. Other options: print at your school/university/work or ask a friend with access to a printer for a favour.

5. I don’t have the space to hang the posters. What should I do with them?

Eat them. Juuuust kidding. Seriously, don’t do that though. Hanging the poster is just one of the thousand options. You can make them into a book, frame your favourite poster only, scroll through the ideas on your laptop, cut them up into pieces, hang a poster on your fridge, give a poster as a gift to a friend, and do a million other things with them.

6. I’m a guy and I hate glitters and unicorns. Is this also for me?

Yes. Here’s how: It works as the ultimate back-up gift for when you almost forgot about that birthday/anniversary/graduation/wedding. Print a poster, frame it, and you have a personal and original present. It also includes super useful ideas to impress that girl you like (with awesome date ideas for blue skies and rainy days) and questions to ask when you’re stuck in a boring conversation. Plus, it contains a great list of super manly things to do (which my super manly boyfriend proof-read and approved and he has stubbles so that counts for something). So yes, it is also useful if you’re not particularly into glitters and unicorns :)

Do you have a question that I haven’t answered yet? Send it to and I will be sure to send you an answer.

Want even more details about the Instant Inspiration Kit? You can find them here.


[Picture by Bram Berkien]


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