photo 1001-ideas-matchbook-camera-1_zpshpvtwbrc.jpg

I have a secret love for matchboxes. In my mind they are cute tiny boxes with endless crafting possibilities: little treasure hiding places, note keepers, candy holders, peep boxes that protect miniature worlds.

Also, I think they are the perfect base for cute handmade gifts.

When I suggested that a poster from my Instant Inspiration Kit works as a fun & personal (last-minute) gift idea for a friend, the quickest way is to just give a poster as it is, potentially in a simple frame. However, for those of you who wish to step up the craftiness factor and make it even more personal, I have a fun additional idea. Say, your friend loves photography. You can easily turn a matchbox into a matchbox camera. Then simply cut out the ’50 picture prompts’- poster that holds interesting ideas to make you try something new on the photography front. Put the tiny picture prompts in your matchbox camera, and voila: cuteness overload.

Here is how to make a matchbook camera with picture prompts inside:

 photo 1001-ideas-tutorial-camera-drawing_zps1wfh2iji.jpg
 photo 1001-ideas-matchbook-camera-2_zpsu9cgo2at.jpg
 photo 1001-ideas-matchbook-camera-3_zpsjnxt2kqa.jpg
 photo 1001-ideas-matchbook-camera-5_zpsxg6s3i1z.jpg
 photo 1001-ideas-matchbook-camera-4_zpsrdif7pvp.jpg

Alternative suggestion: fill the matchbox camera with sentimental small pictures, like I did here.

Do you like creating handmade gifts for your loved ones? If so, will you let me know what kind of things you make?

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