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There is a gap between your busy everyday reality and the creative, happy life you would love to live.


Wish scenario: watch the sunrise, long contemplative walk on the beach while having a good conversation with your bestie, art-journaling while nibbling on delicious home-made cookies, bonfire cuddles with your boyfriend and going to bed inspired and grateful.

More likely scenario: a buzzing alarm clock, racing from home to university, never enough time to check off all the ‘musts’, ‘need to’s’ and ‘should’, feeling a lack of energy to do anything even remotely creative, and going to bed exhausted and overwhelmed.

If you want to have more fun, you need to search for ways to fill the gap.

In the first part of the video I talk shortly about the product I will re-launch next week. It’s an Instant Inspiration Kit that works as a catalyst to feel inspired and creative. Since inspiration and action are a killer combination, I then go on to explain a step-by-step process I use myself all the time whenever I want to reach a creative goal.

Any questions about my Instant Inspiration Kit or any thoughts of the 7 steps to achieving any creative goal?


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