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“Yarn bombing or fence knitting is a (new) form of street art. Graffiti is illegal in almost all places. Happy yarn creations don’t damage anything and have a friendly look and feel to them. Inhabitants use walls, railings, statues, streets, sidewalks, fences, streetlights and bicycle racks of the city as a sketchbook. Therefore the municipality of Eindhoven is a fan of this form of street art.”

That was the Facebook description of a yarn bombing workshop, hosted by the municipality of Eindhoven together with Lady Penelope.

*Click.* Going.

1. This was awesome, because I had been willing to try out yarn bombing for a long time.
2. I would meet other people with a similar interest.
3. The municipality was way more progressive than I had ever imagined.

Yarn bombing isn’t difficult at all. The value of the workshop to me wasn’t the learning opportunity. It was to be part of a cool initiative and try something new in a friendly environment. So if you have been putting this form of street art off, just like me, just go out and give it a try.

Also, your city might surprise you in their support of your efforts to brighten your environment.

Is there a form of street art you would love to try one day? Check out my Pinterest board on street art inspiration for additional ideas.


  • Reply

    Matt Maldre

    October 23, 2015 at 16:42

    This is so wonderful. I want a yarn bombing workshop in Chicago!

    • Reply

      Lady Penelope

      October 24, 2015 at 08:55

      Hi Matt
      Yesss, I like that to0!!! To give workshops in Chicago. Let`s go and yarn bomb the entire city.
      When can i start… ; -)

      Lady Penelope


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