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Have you ever been to a party that was utterly boring? Nobody got your jokes, lots of awkward silences and formal chitchat about subjects nobody cares about?

I like to do things different.

When I throw a party, I like it to be awesome.

For the last 3 years, I have thrown a huge birthday garden party together with Joran. I know summer is over and our party was already 2 months ago but I still didn’t make time to post about it, but I would love to share some tips and ideas to create a great garden party. Hopefully it’s either still warm where you live. Else, you have something to look forward to for next summer. Here are 10 elements you might want to consider for when you throw your next epic garden party:

1. Party tent

Make sure that if it does rain, it won’t spoil the fun!

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2. Lights

Happy colourful lights will transform any dark garden into a magical fairytale forest.

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3. Bonfire

A bonfire is the perfect place for your more quiet guests to have a good conversation, stare into the fire and feel at ease. Bonus: offer ingredients for s’mores!

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4. (Twister) Pool

Be sure to fill your pool with warm water though, so it will be comfy all night long.

 photo garden-party-ideas-4-twister-pool_zps5xonk8wt.jpg

5. Booze + cocktail bar

Make sure to buy plenty of beer (and other drinks). Put everything in an (outdoor) fridge or cool the beer in large containers with ice. You don’t want to be busy serving your guests the whole night, so make sure they can easily help themselves. If you really want to top your party: make a cocktail bar and offer a selection of delicious drinks. We created ours from a tower of beer crates, a piece of cloth, an old cut-off low table and fairy lights. We got some help for continuous fresh cocktails, so we didn’t need to cater all night long, which was great.

 photo garden-party-ideas-5-cocktail-bar_zpsddbrhmtd.jpg

6. Music (and/or DJ)

Music is a must! We had a DJ at our party. If that’s not an option for you, simply create an awesome playlist. Make sure to include music that’s great to dance to.

 photo garden-party-ideas-6-DJ-dance_zpsd0ejoypw.jpg

7. Photo booth

Set up a photo booth. A clear wall or piece of cloth will work fine. Put a camera on a tripod, and give your guests ridiculous assignments. Make sure to add some accessories like colourful wigs and funny glasses. It’s the perfect recipe for hilarious pictures.

 photo garden-party-ideas-7-photo-booth_zpssu6k4p7g.jpg

8. Piñata

Make a unicorn piñata yourself or simply buy a colourful piñata. Fill it with candy. It’s a fun way to create another moment of buzz at your garden party.

 photo garden-party-ideas-8-pinata_zpsd6phjmqo.jpg

9. Edible nacho hat

This is not the most practical food to serve at your party, but making an edible nacho hat will definitely bring your party to a whole new level. Do make sure to have enough snacks as well. People tend to get hungry again at 1 AM.

 photo garden-party-ideas-10-nacho-hat_zpsnjrwquqv.jpg

10. Rummybears

Soak gummy bears in rum a day before the party. Put in the fridge to let the rum soak in. And voila!

 photo garden-party-ideas-9-rummy-bears_zpsg84uwlyz.jpg

Because of my personality I normally tend to host smaller parties, if any at all. It’s only because of Joran that I would even consider throwing such a big party. I never could have guessed how much I would like our parties though. I like how well we work together. Because of him, there are much more people, useful tools and a perfect garden. Because of me, there are piñata’s, edible nacho hats, crazy photo booths and rummy bears. It’s the best of both worlds.

What’s the best party you ever been to? What made it so great?

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All pictures by my sister :)

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