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 photo painting-stones-desk_zpstyzvizuv.jpg

 photo pink-glitter-stone_zps59r099sp.jpg

 photo doodling-on-stones_zpshpmvxo5q.jpg

 photo panted-stones-collection_zpsexva4g0o.jpg

 photo painted-stones_zpsqmnadgka.jpg

Remember when you found something amazing as a child? Perhaps you discovered a bronze medal in the parking lot, a glass blue marble on the playground, a pretty gemstone, seashell or bracelet on the beach. Despite of what your mom might have told you about picking up rubbish on the street, you gave it a special place inside your room. Every now and then, you took it out from its shelve or box to admire.

How awesome would it be to consciously create this feeling of discovery? I would love to do that, which is why I created some potential treasure finds. More specifically, I decorated and painted some stones. Then I walked around my neighbourhood and looked for places where lots of children play, like playgrounds. There I lay down my painted art stones.

Some stones, like the pink glitter one, I dug in a little bit. The sunlight should expose just enough of sparkle to cause a curious kid to explore.

I hope my stones cause a tiny treasure hunt and find new loving homes.

What treasures did you find as a kid? Would you have liked finding one of these stones?

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