photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-11_zpsszzaj72p.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-12_zpskaw996cm.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-10_zpszv3dgc6h.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-9_zpsep2qibsw.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-13_zpsg1vwgs6b.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-15_zpsxcicuin4.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-14_zps48gnqvmv.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-5_zpsa78vulib.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-8_zps75bk6o8q.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-1_zpslvncrsnf.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-7_zpsumvpukwo.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-6_zpsxawxszpa.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-4_zpsathrdfjs.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-2_zpsxohvq1oc.jpg
 photo Step-in-the-arena-2015-3_zpsyzhkv5ly.jpg

For your daily dose of inspiration, here is a photo impression of a local graffiti festival I went to. I always love seeing how other artists work. Seeing so many talented people make art made me want to do the same. It was a nice and lazy weekend with lot’s of sunshine, hanging around in the grass listening to music, and meeting up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Do you have any graffiti in your neighbourhood? Is it beautiful or ugly? Why?


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