photo Beijing-forbidden-city-2_zpsnhd0abfm.jpg
Forbidden City, Beijing

Checking big things off of your bucket list is the best feeling ever. It’s like that satisfaction you get from crossing off doing laundry and finally cleaning up your inbox from your to do list, only a trillion times better. When you follow big dreams and desires you have, getting to live them and see them become a reality is pretty awesome. ‘Hello vague thing that has lingered in my head for years, welcome to the real world. You’re a real boy now. Or perhaps not boy, but experience at least.’

 photo Beijing-park-pink-blossom_zpsfzerfldc.jpg
Beautiful blossom in park around Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Following your dreams makes you feel really good about yourself as well. If this insanely crazy idea like travelling to the other side of the world is possible, walking on the great wall of China and sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar in Shanghai, who knows what else can come true if I simply try to make it happen? It lights up a buzz of exciting possibilities inside of you.

Why would you stick to doing things you don’t even like doing, to earn money to spend on more stuff you don’t even enjoy doing that much? Why not try your utmost best to turn you passion into a living, and spend your money on incredible experiences that shape you as a person.

 photo Beijing-great-wall_zpsjtkrbfxs.jpg
Great wall of China, Beijing

When I’m all old and wrinkly and have a ton of grandchildren I want to be the granny with the crazy stories of all the adventures I went on when I was young. I will be telling them about that time I got stuck at the Lao border and had to hitchhike, about when I went on a hot air balloon flight in an exotic country, had water fights for days in a row with perfect strangers, how I got to know all these silly fun facts about random countries, hiked through the beautiful Longji Terraces in China while following a lady who was as old and wrinkly as I will be then. And my grandchildren will be like: “Whut?? Really?” And I will be like: “True story”, and show them the pictures. Because I have pictures, so it happened.

What stories do you have to share when you’re old? Are they worth telling? If not, create a better story for your life. Remember, you create your own stories every single day. Make them good ones.

 photo Longji-Terraces_zpshjmtate6.jpg
Rice fields on hills, Longji Terraces
 photo Longji-Terraces-2_zpsjemjhvr7.jpg
Hiking through the countryside, Longji Terraces
 photo Xian-terracotta-army_zps8emmilhp.jpg
Terracotta Army, Xi’an
 photo Yangshuo-calligraphy_zpsrkmkruzt.jpg
Writing my name in Chinese during a calligraphy class, Yangshuo
 photo Shanghai_zpscxusgj18.jpg
Shops and markets in beautiful Chinese architecture, Shanghai
 photo Shanghai-river_zpszcqbswrz.jpg
The Bund river, Shanghai
 photo Shanghai-skyline-night_zpssn9g7c7w.jpg
Taking a boat along the river to see beautiful skyline of Shanghai at night.
 photo Shanghai-Yu-garden-fish_zpsvduughfi.jpg
Fish in Yu Garden, Shanghai


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    May 7, 2015 at 15:15

    Fascinating pictures. I’m so jealous!)) I’ve been to China once. I lived in Beijing for 2 months. It’s great that you managed to visit different cities. In fact, I didn’t have time to visit the Great Wall, but I’ve been to Forbidden City (checked! :)) Looking through your post I want to go back there one day. I wish you enjoy your stay at HK.

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      May 12, 2015 at 04:00

      That sounds amazing! What did you do there?

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        May 18, 2015 at 07:22

        I worked as an intern in a Chinese company. However, in fact, I went there for fresh life experience and meet new people (was too bored at home).

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    May 18, 2015 at 05:18

    Wow, M! This is fantastic. I’ve been checking stuff off my bucket list lately, too, but nothing nearly this cool! I hope you’re having a blast. This is something you’ll never forget.

    Uncustomary Art.


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