Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

There is something about being awakened by the first rays of sunlight, seeing the beautiful rouge coloured sky from your bed, because basically all that separates you from the outside world is a thin mosquito net.

There is something about going swimming at night in a sea of illuminating algae. Every movement of your arms turn the dark water into a galaxy of thousands of tiny glimmering stars. Your body becomes magical as it glides through the underwater sky.

There is something about writing a blog post up from a treehouse at the beach, while you overlook the white sand that squeaks under your bare feet with every step you make, the turquoise waves gently clashing into the shore.

There is something about not knowing what time it is, forgetting the day of the week, forgetting what date it is. All there is are the strong memories of the experiences of yesterday and the foresight of making new ones tomorrow.

There is something about not caring about make-up, accessories and cute clothes. There are just the 3 outfits that keep you protected from the sun and that shield your body. There is no mirror to undermine the gratitude that you feel for your body functioning so well.

There is something about being in a place without Internet, and with limited electricity. Beeps, messages and things you ought to check slowly fade to the background. At first your mind seems cluttered, then, it just quiets down.

There is something about being on a tropical island that makes you so utterly content with life that your mere presence there soothes your soul and feeds your mind. It makes you feel content with all the blessings you received in your life, both here and back home.

Some places are just too good to be true. You might not be on a beautiful tropical island right now. You can create your own oasis anywhere you wish though. Today, when you come home, why not turn off all your mobile devices? Why not turn off the light and burn some scented candles instead? Why not bring some fresh flowers into your home, put on the sound of beach waves and pamper yourself? Why not put your heater high enough so you can comfortably walk around your house in a bikini for a day? Why not hang some fairy lights and enforce the beautiful dreams you have for yourself?

Don’t limit yourself to the routines and habits you might have fallen into. Every single day comes with a choice and a responsibility to live it to the full. It’s up to you whether you turn that opportunity into something wonderful, like traveling to an exotic island far away, or simply by creating your personal magical paradise right at home.


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    March 23, 2015 at 18:07

    Because no money nor candles nor for extra heating and nor flowers :))Have fun on your vacation!!!

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    March 26, 2015 at 12:16

    love your article!!! a big hug from argentina!


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