1. Why you should throw out your TV 2. A supermarket banana mystery… 3. The confetti monster with the red balloon 4. How to make peanut glitter bombs
5. Spread the love: Lilla from Little Birds Blog 6. These uplifting balloons grant you a wish 7. Leave a window love message 8. Illustrate your love history
9. How to make crystal egg geodes (or diamonds in a lid) 10. Spread the love: April goes balloon bombing 11. How to give a compliment that people will remember for years 12. Creative kindness month recap
13. Get rid of the monsters in your closet 14. Create your dream life with one simple thought 15. My remarkable room-cleaning friend 16. How to bake a giant 3D Eiffel tower cookie
17. Bucket list
18. Milky Way Takeaway dinner party 19. The unicorn girl and the flying paper cranes 20. 4 Useful tips to design creative business cards
21. Teaching a course in Denmark 22. Bucket list: exhibit my artwork 23. Butterfly tie (vlinderdas) painting 24. How to make a black leather spy mask
25. How to grow your own crystal necklace 26. What I learned from folding 1000 cranes  27. 10 Inspiring movies that make you want to live life fully 28. This is not what your boyfriend expected when he opened the door


So.. Happy New Year!! I know, I know.. it has been 2015 for a couple of days already. I hope you enjoyed the holiday season with your loved ones. If not, it’s all over for another year (ha!). I just wanted to drop in with a flashback of 2014 – in blogposts. I have some exciting plans for 2015, which I will be sharing more about very soon.

What post or posts did you enjoy most here on the blog?

Any big plans you’re looking forward to in 2015?

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    January 4, 2015 at 03:52

    Thanks for consistently great content all year long! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us this year. :)

    Uncustomary Art.


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