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Whether you want to make a zorro mask to complement your costume, dress up as a spy, need a ninja mask for your adventurous endeavours or just have always wanted a black leather mask as the perfect accessory to match your wardrobe, it’s really simple to make your own black mask.
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You will need a piece of black (faux) leather, some paper and (fabric) scissors. If you have some type of mask to take as an example it will make the process easier, but you can do without it as well.
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Fold your paper in half. Trace half of the mask on your paper. If you don’t have a mask, you can also try to draw a half a mask shape freely as close to what you think it should be.
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Cut out your mask and eye holes with the paper still folded to make sure it will be symmetrical. Hold the paper mask in front of your face to check if it is the right size and the shape of the holes are as you imagined. If they aren’t, make some adjustments on a new piece of paper, using your existing paper mask as a guide. Repeat this process until you have a shape you are content with.
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Place your paper mask on your fabric and trace it with a pen or piece of chalk. Cut it out.
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Measure and draw two strokes of fabric. These will become the straps of the mask. The length of the straps depend on the size of your head but more importantly the extra space you think you need to make a bow to tie them together. It’s better to make them too long and cut off a bit later than make them too short. I ended up using was 50 cm in length and 1,5 cm in width for each strap.
 photo Mask-DIY-6-leather_zpsd5666863.jpg
 photo Mask-DIY-7-sew_zps19929e20.jpg
Use a sewing machine to sew the two straps to your mask. Be sure to test the stitch on a piece of scrap fabric first. Fake leather is tougher than most fabric types, so your sewing machine might need some little adjustments. If you don’t own a sewing machine, you can also just hand-stitch the straps on.
 photo Mask-DIY-8_zps91f7ed2a.jpg
 photo Mask-DIY-9-black-leather-spy_zps6e90ddb3.jpg
Now you have the perfect little evil mask to take over this world and make it super cute! I think I should start wearing this mask on my magical missions.

What do you think would be the perfect mission to wear a mask like this on?



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