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About halfway through the second day of my week teaching in Denmark a student comes up to Adam and me. “We need ice hockey sticks and a fishing net. Do you know where to find these?” she asks. This is the moment when you realize that whatever they are up to, it’s going to be good.

Play is essential. I truly believe this. In fact, my final master project was all about inviting playful behaviour in the public space. I ended up designing a magical interactive fountain. So when a group decided to use playfulness as a way to achieve their noble goals, I was hooked. And this is exactly what Morten, Maria, Trine, Morten, Birgitte and Nina did.

They went out onto the streets and made cleaning more fun. They grabbed a set of hockey sticks and played street hockey with the trash they found.

Watch the fun video they created of their experience below!

Have you ever wondered how you can make something that many people would benefit from more fun?

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