photo street-art-copenhagen-happy-wall_zpsdd24d23a.jpg  photo street-art-copenhagen-happy-wall-ladder_zps299fb204.jpg  photo street-art-copenhagen-happy-wall-heart_zps492a2c5a.jpg  photo copenhagen-unicorn-street-corner_zps9abac448.jpg  photo copenhagen-selfie-round-tower_zpsc04cc8ec.jpg  photo copenhagen-view-round-tower_zpsff247f7b.jpg  photo copenhagen-fence-round-tower_zps595ae4d1.jpg  photo copenhagen-harbor-night-singing-pirates_zps1342026b.jpg  photo copenhagen-harbor-night-lights_zps93e510ca.jpg

During my visit in Denmark, I stayed in Odense most of the time. However, I had a short day left to also get a glimpse of Copenhagen. I arrived Friday evening. After ditching my bag at the hotel, I visited the round tower (which was just around the corner) to get a nice view over Copenhagen.

Then I went for a stroll through the city, in the direction of the harbor. I love the lively atmosphere of Copenhagen. I came across a giant art installation, called ‘happy wall’. It is basically a huge analogue pixelated wall that never looks the same, because people constantly change a few wooden boards to create their own images, patterns and texts. Of course I couldn’t resist to write something myself (and send the picture to Joran). It amazes me how open Denmark is to beautiful designed spaces with room for art and design.

I arrived at the harbor, with all the warmly lit cafes and restaurants on one side, water and boats on the other. Some pirates were performing songs on a boat. People would just sit down and gather around to hear them play. I joined them. I listened to the music. I couldn’t help but feel incredibly lucky to be part of all the buzz around me in some way.

I continued walking through the center, and followed the sounds of the city. I ended up coming across a big live concert on one of the squares. I stayed for a while, had a beer, and finally walked back to my hotel, where I fell asleep with a warm fuzzy feeling of the day’s adventures.

The next morning I visited Christiania, only to leave the country again after such a short visit. I hope to visit again some day. How can you not love a city that has unicorns on its street corners?

What place have you visited that inspired you and made you want to come back?



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