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I just wanted to check in and say that I will be exhibiting my artwork this weekend. I have been working all day to set everything up, hang my paintings in a way that they won’t fall down, make name tags for them, sort pictures and untangle threads attached to hanging paper cranes.

I am participating in an art route, called ‘Kunst aan de Vaart’. This is an annual event in Assen, the Netherlands (I don’t live in Assen, but I did for 3 years in the past). Basically a group of people open up their houses for a weekend. In each house a selection of artwork is exhibited. Visitors can walk a designated route and take a look at all the work of different artists.

Most of these houses are regular houses where people live. But on the route is also a restaurant that is participating. My work will be shown in this restaurant.

So if you live close and want to pop in to say hi, if you want to see my artwork in real life or if you want to talk about unrelated fun stuff, I would be happy to meet you!

This Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September from 11.00 to 17.00 in Fellini, Vaart Noordzijde 2, Assen.

It’s going to be exciting because this will be my first time to show my art to a larger audience (well, apart from the blog). If you can’t make it because you happen to live thousands of kilometers away: don’t worry. I will be sure to tell you all the juicy details later!



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