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It’s a strange day
No colours or shapes
No sound in my head
I forget who I am
When I’m with you
There’s no reason
There’s no sense
I’m not supposed to feel
I forget who I am
I forget

Fascist baby
Utopia, utopia

My dog needs new ears
Make his eyes see forever
Make him live like me
Again and again

Fascist baby
Utopia, utopia

I’m wired to the world
That’s how I know everything
I’m super brain
That’s how they made me

Fascist baby
Utopia, utopia

About 8 years ago, I made a drawing based on a Goldfrapp song, titled Utopia. Back then I didn’t know Goldfrapp yet, but I liked the atmosphere of the lyrics as artistic base to work from. The reason I made this drawing was because it was one of the 5 possible assignments to choose from for my practical high school exam (as you can tell I chose art as an extra subject).

The 3D table illusion drawing I posted last week, reminded me of the first drawing in which I seriously started playing with perspective. I had learned basic perspective rules in art class, but I wanted to try something more challenging. I had set my mind on applying a 3-point-perspective in my art. You cannot really tell from the pictures, but this drawing is huge, like 150cm or so. Seen from the right perspective (right underneath it), it would seem as if you would actually look up to the girl and the skyscrapers.

There was one tiny thing that I didn’t quite agree with though. I wasn’t allowed to take the drawing home after it was finished. Due to bureaucratic processes, all exam work had to stay in the school for at least 2 years after the exam date. But it wasn’t like they ever looked at it again. These drawings would just collect dust in some cabinet to be thrown away one day. So let’s just say that I might have used the time just before the graduation ceremony to go on a secret mission with a friend to get my work back.

I like it when assignments have enough boundaries to be challenging, but simultaneously leave plenty of freedom for creativity and interpretation. This assignment is a classic example of that.

Can you trace back the lyrics in my drawing?

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    July 16, 2014 at 00:35

    that’s awesome! i think you have captured the lyrics well, i love the b/w with bright burst of color and all the swirls representing that she’s wired to the world :)
    and it is huge! you did an wonderful job with the perspective aspect

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    joyce m. welch

    July 17, 2014 at 12:01

    I really like the fluid feel of this and also the somber colors. I smiled when I read: So let’s just say that I might have used the time just before the graduation ceremony to go on a secret mission with a friend to get my work back.

    Good for you!

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      July 21, 2014 at 10:25

      It’s definitely more sober compared to the bright colours I normally use. The work is still hanging in my room at my parents place :)


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