For today’s ‘Spread the love’ post, I am happy to introduce you to Carly from the enchanting blog Zauberbear. Entering her blog is like entering a magical world full of wonder and adventures. But she doesn’t go on her adventures alone. Silkworm, her magical stuffed bear and loyal sidekick is always on her side to join the fun. Carly is here today to share one of her missions with you.

Silkworm and I are full-time Enchantemissaries, meaning we regularly go on Missions of Magic to spread magic in the world for strangers to discover. You can find out more about Enchantemissaries and becoming one yourself over at our blog. Our most recent Mission took place at our local beach, where we turned the shore into the abandoned rest stop of a family of mystical creatures. The idea was to make it look like the nomadic creatures had built a temporary home for themselves on the beach and then took off too soon for people to see anything but their leftover trails of magic, namely their sandcastle and stone mosaic decorations. So on a sunny (yet chilly) February day, off to the beach we went!

 photo Photo1_zps87e77714.jpg

Upon arrival, we made a smallish sandcastle with the castle molds we brought and declared it the home of the Sand Skooks, a made-up name for a creature who may or may not exist (who knows?). Our original plan was to bring a piece of wood with us to use as a sign, but having forgot it at home, I did my best to write “Home of the Sand Skooks” in the sand with my finger. Then we got to collecting a bucketful of stones and started arranging them into spirals swirling through the sand originating from the castle, as if arranged by the creatures. We found it was easiest to trace spirals in the sand with a stick or dried cattail stem first and then line the stones up along them. Luckily, the beach was abundant in washed up stones, so we had plenty to play with. It was chilly, and the sand was cold to dig through, but I had come prepared with a pair of gloves, though they did get soaked after only a few minutes of digging through the wet sand! Silkworm, on the other hand, isn’t affected by the cold at all, being a stuffed animal–lucky him!

 photo Photo2_zps1237029b.jpg

We lost track of time, but after maybe half an hour or so, a piece of the shore past the tide had been decorated with a whimsical string of spirals stretching out from the Sand Skooks’ castle.

 photo Photo3_zps6d6806f8.jpg

Though the beach is tiny and quiet, it does seem to get a lot of little kids, even in the cold weather. In fact, just as we were leaving, a father and his little boy were getting out of their car! I’m not sure if they ever made it to the beach or if they stayed by the playground, but either way, we’re hoping people show up to wonder about the Sand Skooks.

I feel like surprising strangers is such a fulfilling thing for a person to do, being a purpose-searching human. You get to play a teeny tiny part in people’s lives without ever having a relationship with them. That’s a pretty cool purpose to have. I love the mystery of it when it’s anonymous and thinking about what it’s going to be like for someone to stumble upon the projects–and even when I leave contact information or anything, it’s still so magical because it’s unexpected. People don’t go to the beach thinking they’re going to find the temporary home of a tribe of magical creatures!

See what I mean? I love how Carly and Silkworm bring their fantastical world into reality. Go to her blog to find message stone dares, lovely pipe cleaner crowns and much much more!

If you want to be featured in ‘Spread the love‘ too, just send me an email so we can talk!


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    March 13, 2014 at 12:52

    Thank you so much for featuring Silkworm and I! ^-^ This was one of our favorite Missions of Magic!
    (Update: The remnants of the stone mosaics are still there on the beach weeks later!)

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      March 16, 2014 at 14:25

      It’s great that they survives for so long! :) Can’t wait to see your future missions

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    Uncustomary Art

    March 17, 2014 at 05:32

    In love with Carly and her missions of magic. What a beautiful design to leave on the beach!


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